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About Sufi Qawwali Singers (Amjad Asad Warsi Hyderabad | India)

Amjad Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi & Asad Zaheer Ahmed Khan Warsi belongs to Qawwal Bachchay of Old Delhi Gharana descendant of disciples of Hzt.Ameer Khusro (rh) and Hzt.Nizamuddin Auliya (rh) New Delhi India. And Hzt.Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ghareeb Nawaz (rh) Ajmer India. The ancestor of Amjad Ahmed Khan Warsi & Asad Ahmed Khan Warsi was Allama-e-Mousiqui Mohammed Siddiq Khan Sahab was Prime Qawwal of Holy Shrine Of Hazrath Nizamuddin Auliya (r.h) New Delhi India. And Royal singer of Hindustani Classical in the court of King Mir Mehboob Ali Badshah Nizam of Hyderabad (Deccan) India.

Amjad Warsi and Asad Warsi Were Born in Hyderabad India. The brothers received their training of singing From Their Father Ustad Zaheer Ahmed Khan Warsi was National Awarded as a Qawwal and Hindustani Classical Singer. Their grand father Padmashri Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi was world famous Qawwal and Hindustani Classical Singer.
Amjad Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi & Asad Zaheer Ahmed Khan Warsi are Government registered Artist of Culture Department Hyderabad India and ALL INDIA RADIO and T.V.

Amjad Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi and Asad Zaheer Ahmed Khan Warsi are traditional Sufi Qawwal and Hindustani classical Singers of Ragas and Khayal Bandish ,Hori ,Tappa ,Tarana , Qaul, Qalbana and Naqsh, Gul, Bidaee , Bulauni etc.

Well Known artist of Sufiana Qawwali , Ghazal, Thumri, Bhajan and Patriotic Songs. Singing in many languages like Hindi ,Punjabi ,Urdu, Persian, English and Arabic with lyrics of famous Sufi Poets like Hzt Ameer Khusro (r.h) Maolana Rume (r.h.), Hzt Shams Tabrez (r.h) Hzt Jaami (r.h) Hzt.Baba Bhulle Shah (r.h) Dohay Of Sant Kabeer Daas (r.h) Jogan Meera Bai .And Urdu poetry of Hzt. Bedam Warsi (r.h) Bahadur Shah Zafar, Meer Taqi Meer , Daagh Dehlvi, Mirza Ghalib, Jigar, Allama Iqbal and Kamil Hyderabadi etc.

Regularly perform their art of singing in India and many other countries like, Saudi Arabia, Bangkok, Turkey, Singapore, Mauritius and Uzbekistan. Since 800 years till today their forefather and they are serving their lives to gives message of peace and food of soul to all peoples of their nation and across the globe by their divine voices.

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